Meta Film List is devoted to exploring films from all around the world in all genres, new and old, indy and popular, low-budget to over-budget, from the best to the worst and not just the new and shiny. Cinema has a rich history that needs to be seen from a modern perspective and in reference to everything else, not just repeating what critics say. We have developed a wide array of topics, videos, pictures and podcasts for your enjoyment. 

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FILM REVIEWS: Our critics look at new and old films and shed some light on what is good, what is bad and what is interesting. We aim to put things into perspective to show a film for what it really is.
CINEPHILE THOUGHTS: There are many aspects of cinema, from genres, histories, periods, actors, directors, techniques and more.
PODCAST and VIDEOS: Reviews, discussions and cinema talk can be found on our YouTube channel.

SOUNDTRACK REVIEWS: We examine what aspects soundtracks bring to films. You can listen to the scores on our second YouTube channel, CineTracks, and return here to see what we have to say.

METAFILM PROJECT: The Project is a list of 945 films that have been selected through a number of systems in order to develop a definitive list of the best films ever made. This is not your average top films list as it is not based on the opinions of any one system. This is an aggregate list combining a number of different systems, critics and organisations. As long as the film meets the established rules, it is added to the list. Here you can download the Excel spreadsheet of the 2015 list. As the MetaFilm Project is rather complex, a number of entries have been written to explain how it was developed and the reasoning behind it as well as thoughts on how to expand it.

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